Activities & implantations

Argentina Industrial Centre, a plant that forms part of the PSA Group’s strategic development in the country.

Located in Buenos Aires Province, the Argentina Industrial Centre (Polo Industrial Argentina – PIAR) is one of the 18 PSA Group plants worldwide. In 1998, PSA took over the El Palomar plant with the goal of becoming the country’s automotive industry leader. In the past 12 years of production, PIAR has launched one new model every year in order to reach that objective.

El Palomar plant

The El Palomar plant forms part of the PIAR along with the Jeppener Mechanical Unit. It features a terminal covering four technologies:

  • Stamping,
  • Bodywork,
  • Paintwork,

It is also home to the Logistics, Quality and General Technical Services departments.

  • 730,000 sq. m

    Total surface area of the plant

  • 157,000 sq. m

    Dedicated to the built-up area

The El Palomar plant manufactures vehicles with the aim of achieving total customer satisfaction and guaranteeing the organisational flexibility needed to adapt to changes. Its goal is to become the number one production centre in terms of quality at the level of the PSA Group worldwide, and the standard bearer in Argentina.

As it is currently organised, the production process begins with parts stamping. Then, the body is put together, the paintwork carried out and the product assembled. The vehicles are then shipped on completion. The Logistics, Quality and After-Sales departments provide support for each of the technologies.

Activities and Implantations

287 vehicles are produced each day at a rate of up to 35 vehicles an hour. The assembly lines can be adjusted to manufacture different vehicles. The PIAR currently produces the Peugeot 308, 408 and Partner and the Citroën C4 Lounge and Berlingo.

Jeppener Mechanical Unit

The Jeppener Mechanical Unit (UMJ) is located 105 km from the Palomar Production Centre. It was created in 1949 under the name Establecimientos Mecánicos de Precisión Sequenza to manufacture sewing machines. In 1971 it started to produce and assemble automotive parts and was renamed Establecimientos Mecánicos Jeppener. In 1981, it became part of the Sevel group, before joining PSA Argentina in 1998.

The UMJ currently manufactures petrol engines and suspension systems, and produces and assembles mechanical parts (engine blocks, cylinder heads and oil pumps) for the Peugeot and Citroën brands. It also has its own factory and facility for processing industrial effluents and sewage. The UMJ manufactured 8,009 EW10 engines in 2014.

  • 132,000 sq. m

    Total surface area

  • 36,000 sq. m

    Dedicated to the built-up area

Below are some examples of parts produced for the domestic market:

  • Front Suspension for the Partner and Berlingo, the Citroën C4 Lounge and the Peugeot 308 and 408 (together covering all vehicles assembled at the El Palomar plant),
  • Rear Axle for the Partner and Berlingo,
  • Front and Rear Disc Brake for various models,
  • Disc Brake Hub for the C4 Lounge, 308 and 408,
  • Front Wheel Hub for the Partner, Berlingo, C4 Lounge, 308 and 408 (for all Front Wheel sets sent to El Palomar),
  • Brake Drum for the Partner and Berlingo,
  • EW10 Engine Flywheel,
  • Arm and Mount for the Partner and Berlingo,
  • Side Axle for the Partner and Berlingo,
  • Various Engine Mounts (EW and EC5).

It also has two paintwork lines: one for discs and one for drums.

Some parts are produced for export, as for examples:

  • TU5 JP4 Oil Pump,
  • TU3 and TU4 Block and Cylinder Head,
  • EW10 Engine,
  • EC5 Engine Mount.

The UMJ also manufactures and carries out the paintwork on the 302×26 Ventilated Disc.

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