Corporate social responsibility

In recent years, the concept of CSR has evolved to embrace sustainability, becoming a reality not only for business, but also for communities and individuals.

Sustainable commitment, a joint endeavour

At PSA Argentina, the internal dialogue goes beyond Corporate social responsibility (CSR) to include social outreach, which aims to have a tangible impact.

Our goal is to reach out to the community and raise people’s awareness to help them become responsible citizens. That’s why in 2005 we created the Corporate Social Responsibility unit, which is part of the Corporate Communication & CSR branch of the External Relations and Communications Department today. This department carries out initiatives alongside Company employees year after year in connection with the surrounding community and environment. This is all about:

  • Raising awareness,
  • Education,
  • Environmental management,
  • Employee well-being.

Raising Awareness

In 2015, the Corporate Social Responsibility section implemented a new programme so as to “raise awareness” among employees and their families. The CONCIENCIA awareness programme, aligned with our longstanding strategy, is driven by three key focuses:


This area of focus is designed to foster environmental awareness among our employees, their families and the different members of the communities in which the Company operates, via a range of initiatives and discussions carried out in cooperation with the Company’s Environment unit. These include:

  • Volunteering to plant trees on and off Company premises, in schools and public squares, etc. with the help of employees, neighbours, schoolchildren and NGOs.
  • During Environment Month in June, employees and their departments were invited to separate their office waste. The Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment sections provided the necessary equipment and gave talks on best practices in waste sorting.

Sustainable mobility

Since 2010, work has been carried out on the theme of road safety with the aim of providing and incorporating further information on educational road safety concepts in schools. Every year, PSA Argentina reaches out to schools in the Tres de Febrero, San Martín, Hurlingham and Brandsen districts, training teachers via enjoyable learning materials that they can use in schools with their pupils. A total of 300 primary schools have benefited from the initiative, with around 90% taking part year after year.

As a result, road improvements have been carried out, awareness posters have been displayed at crossroads and a tour of the area featuring awareness-raising messages has been organised, all by the same pupils in the Tres de Febrero district where the PSA Group production plant is located.



Since 2010, the PSA Group has been developing a volunteer programme, which involves employees in children’s initiatives. Work most frequently includes celebrating Children’s Day, Spring Day, Christmas and Three Kings’ Day in special schools, community canteens and soup kitchens, and foundations, mainly in the Tres de Febrero district and neighbouring areas.

To support the programme, in-house drives are generally organised to encourage employees to donate toys in a good state, which are then distributed. Children’s activities, such as theatrical productions, balloon games and face painting are also organised.



In 2011, in conjunction with the Peugeot and Citroën brands, PSA Argentina launched “Guardians of Education”. This is a countrywide programme that supports technical education by donating top-of-the-range, latest-generation national production vehicles to be used as learning tools. The region’s official dealership has also pledged to offer direct contact through training, talks and/or visits to the technical institutions that receive the vehicles.

More than 200 vehicles (Peugeot 308, 408 and Citroën C4, C4 Lounge) have been donated to technical schools, training centres and universities since the programme was set up. In views of the results obtained, the programme will be expanded. In 2016, its sixth year of implementation, engines will be donated with the same goal, teachers will be trained and vocational activities will be organised together with the dealership network.

PSA Argentina is able to carry out the programme thanks to its ties with the Ministry of National Education and the Department for Culture and Education of Buenos Aires. This reflects the Company’s main Social Responsibility goal of improving coordination between the public, private and tertiary sectors.

Environmental management

In line with the PSA Group’s environmental commitment, an Environmental Management System has been developed for the El Palomar and Jeppener plants, which are part of the Argentina industrial centre (PIAR). The system has been ISO 14001-certified since December 2000 (El Palomar) and March 2012 (Jeppener). Certification was also renewed for the third time in December 2014 by the Instituto IRAM for the Buenos Aires Production Centre in respect of the Palomar and Caseros plants’ Environmental Management System. The first maintenance audit took place in January 2016.

The environmental management system at the engine plant in Jeppener (Brandsen, Buenos Aires) is also ISO 14001-certified, and was recertified by the Instituto IRAM in June 2015.

Through its Energy Committee, the PIAR is currently working on task management in order to obtain the ISO 50001 (Energy Management System) certification and the ISO 14001 certification in official AUPE dealerships and in the spare parts plant in Pacheco. The PIAR is also making progress in terms of reusing water, expanding recycling lines and selling recyclable and/or reusable waste.

In November 2014, the El Palomar plant performed its first greenhouse gas (carbon footprint) inventory in full compliance with the ISO 14064-1, with the objective of obtaining this official certification in 2016.


Employee well-being

Importance is also given to enabling employees to lead a healthy, safe and secure lifestyle and enjoy a satisfactory work-life balance. To this end, a priority focus is made on: Training, Health and Safety, Benefits and Development.

Initiatives in this area have included:


  • Nursing room for new mothers returning to work following maternity leave.
  • During breast cancer awareness month, a mammography screening for breast cancer is provided on site for all female employees.
  • Clinical testing is available for all employees at an on-site laboratory.
  • In March each year a flu immunisation programme is organised so that employees can be vaccinated at work.


  • Family integration – Children’s Day: Annual event for all employees and their children;
    Sports tournaments: day-long events open to all employees aimed at encouraging integration and physical activity.


  • Includes all employee benefits available under the Pensando en vos (Thinking of You) plan. These include the possibility for employees and their family to complete the necessary formalities to obtain new ID cards and passports on site, top up their transport passes, buy food boxes, etc. During festive periods, employees can buy products such as Easter eggs at a discount and benefit from on-site delivery.
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