Group PSA in Argentina

Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Latin America’s PSA Argentina is one of the country’s leading automakers.

Located in the Buenos Aires region, the El Palomar plant dates back to 1960, when it was known under its former name, Safrar Peugeot (1963). It assembled the brand’s first set of vehicles in the country: Peugeot 403 and 404.

Later, in 1981, Fiat and Safrar Peugeot merged to form Sevel, which produced the Peugeot 504, 505, 504 pick-up, 405 and 306.

The PSA Group entered Argentina’s automotive market in 1998 with its main brands under the name PSA Peugeot Citroën Argentina, and began production of the Peugeot Partner and Citroën Berlingo simultaneously that same year. Since then, the Group has continued to manufacture large quantities of models, shaping its history and that of the Argentinian automotive industry:

  • 1999: Peugeot 206
  • 2004: Peugeot 307
  • 2006: Peugeot 307 Sedan
  • 2007: Citroën C4
  • 2008: 5-door Citroën C4
  • 2008: EW10 Engine
  • 2008: 207 Compact
  • 2010: New Peugeot Partner and Citroën Berlingo
  • 2010: Peugeot 408
  • 2011: Peugeot 308
  • 2013: Citroen C4 Lounge
  • 2015: New Peugeot 308 and 408

Since 1998, the production lines at El Palomar have manufactured more than 1.4 million vehicles for the domestic and export markets.

The Group underwent a transformation in 2016, becoming the PSA Group and renewing its commitment to the quality, comfort and mobility needs of the future.

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Argentina Industrial Centre, a plant that forms part of the PSA Group’s strategic development in the country.

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